Club Philosophy

Club Philosophy

Stop Out is a club focused on involvement, enjoyment and success

Our roots are firmly entrenched in the Hutt Valley; the Waiwhetu, Moera and Randwick areas. Formed in 1919, history shows in the early days the clubs focus was on keeping troubled youth (Stop Out’s) off the street by using sport and recreation to keep them active and focused. In 1922 Moera Stop Out became Stop Out and the rest, as they say, is history!

Today it’s the same. While the club has been involved in a myriad of sports, including Boxing, Athletics and Softball, these days Football is the heart and soul of our club.

Stop Out is a family focused club and we strive for success across all our grades by developing our players into being better footballers no matter what level they are! An unusual concept for many to comprehend as only the elite payers get catered for at most clubs!

We are well represented in all grades from Capital Premier League through to Masters Leagues for Men. In 2008 we made a strategic push into Women’s football that has seen the club grow to three teams and our Premier team poised to win promotion into Central League.

We are also strongly represented in all Junior/Promo Leagues. We also run Nursery grades for our budding future stars before they move into junior football competitions.

Winning is not our sole aim. Yes, we play hard and we all like to win but we encourage our children to play fair and to the best of their ability as a primary focus. We believe that we can develop better and smarter players, and in time they will play in winning teams as they mature.

Stop Out is also one of Capital Football’s pilot clubs nominated to help roll out New Zealand Football’s “Whole of Football” initiative that will change the face of how football is played in this country.

In the mid 80s Stop Out returned to our spiritual home of Hutt Park with the building of our current clubrooms. These have recently been refurbished and with the addition of a large deck helped the indoor/outdoor flow out to the playing arena.

A major initiative saw the Hutt City Council develop Hutt Park into an arena with top class playing fields. With the addition of new changing facilities, through support from Pelorus Trust, Stop Out is now the envy of many visiting football clubs when they experience our facilities at Hutt Park

At Stop Out we don’t want players to join our club for the short term; we encourage loyalty and pride in belonging to their club. In our increasingly mobile society we encourage club members who want to feel they are part of a successful sporting body for a lifetime, or even have somewhere they can return to and call home if they do happen to leave the region as they get older.

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