Football College Philosophy

Football College Philosophy

2010 Football College

Aims and Objectives

  • 4 month Football College where each grade (10th grade to 14th grade) will have 4 training sessions.

  • Qualified Club coach/1st team player (Jake Theron) is coach of the Football College and will plan the sessions.

  • 2 different 1st team players will be at each session to support the coach and players.

  • Planning of sessions will be done with the coach of each junior team in the week leading up to the session.

  • Development opportunities for all players and coaches in a safe, inclusive and honest environment.

  • Developing players through technical development and tactical awareness. Players becoming ‘thinking players’ when the game throws different situations at them.

  • Developing a winning mentality within individuals (14th grade) whilst continuing development of individuals. Players will develop a better understanding of their individual roles within the team structure and develop better tactical awareness for the purpose of winning games.

  • DVD education will be implemented when grounds are closed due to bad weather. Continued development and learning from top level International Football. Problem solving question and answer session to help develop ‘thinking players’

  • Development of Stop Out Sports Club player and coaching talent to be the best in Wellington and growing the success of our club.

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